The evolution of voicebots

Do you know the 5 common beliefs about Voicebots? This article is a summary of our series “5 Common Beliefs about Voicebots”. In addition to this article, we would like to invite you to join us in the discussion on applying voicebots with artificial intelligence in customer contact. Are you interested? Please contact us!

However… Voicebots have evolved.

You may have talked to an old-fashioned and badly integrated Voicebot which only understood some key words. What a shame! Don’t you know that Speech recognition has made huge progress in the past years using Deep-Neural-Nets, or artificial intelligence. We see that Speech recognition under optimal conditions performs almost as good as humans. And through the use of machine learning we also see that Voicebots communicate more and more “humanely” and therefore are more often successfully applied.

However… Voicebots can be really nice to talk to.

You probably chatted to a Voicebot in a bad mood… A well-designed Voicebot uses relevant information and personal data, so you can have a pleasant and personalised voice conversation. 

When we have a conversation as humans, we express emotions, we want to feel empathy, receive confirmation and above all be understood. Developments in Voicebots are rapid and the greatest challenge in Conversational AI is less and less technical, but rather “emotional” intelligence. Not what do you say, but what do you mean? 

A Voicebot works in a structured way based on intentions, and human emotions can sometimes cause confusion. Moreover, people do not want to be addressed like a robot. A good conversational design helps the Voicebot to communicate with humans in a more natural way. Making sure the Voicebot understands the customer and can respond more empathetically. This is difficult but certainly not impossible and works based on data, smart software and customer feedback. 

With the increased use and aggregation of data from conversational AI applications, customer behaviour is becoming more predictable and understood. Real-time integration with knowledge bases and systems containing relevant customer information makes it possible to respond proactively and more personally in conversations. The successful deployment of Voicebots increases, especially if they are properly tuned to the experience of customers and advisors. After all, the systems are trained based on previous conversations between customers and advisors.

The need for more personal customer contact is increasing, but this is also due to the use of conversational AI. This is not entirely without conditions. For example, for a more personal dialogue with Voicebots, the use of appropriate data is extremely important, but at the same time, the privacy of customers and advisors must be handled with care. People remain indispensable, but technology and data are increasingly playing a crucial role in understanding and personally assisting customers.

And should it happen that the Voicebot doesn’t understand you properly, we can always fall back on our trusted human advisors.

However… Voicebots will assist advisors.

Terminator, Matrix, Blade Runner…you strongly think that evil robots will make us obsolete. But don’t worry, technology still needs humans. Voicebots make life easier for you and advisors who can focus on your issue while Voicebots assist you with common tasks.
Because computers become smarter every year and we as humans cannot keep up the pace, the following question increasingly is being asked: will technology replace our human advisors?
But our advisors are flexible, creative, have empathy and are therefore much better able to communicate with our customers in a human and friendly way. Voicebots and artificial intelligence will therefore not replace people but rather support them!
First, we determine who the customer is and whether we can already predict, based on data, why the customer is contacting us. If we cannot predict that, we simply ask the question: how may we help you?
Based on what the customer says, the Voicebot determines the subject of the conversation, also called the INTENT. Depending on the status of the customer and the INTENT, the Voicebot can either handle the call (for routine matters) with self-service or route it to a skilled advisor, with all already known and relevant customer information available prior to the call.
In the close future, we will see more and more Voicebots that continue to assist the human advisors with knowledge and relevant data in real-time, even during the call. In short, the best customer journey with the optimal blend of human and technology!

However… Anyone can have a nice chat with a Voicebot.

It is well known that younger generations generally have less difficulty with new technology and software. Precisely because developments in technology and media move so quickly, it is important to include the older generations in this digital transformation. The most important factor here is the right communication and above all convenience. Voice has been used by humans for ages, especially when it is urgent. Whatever the generation, anyone can have a nice chat with a Voicebot.

However… It’s all about the conversation.

You’re afraid of an endless implementation? Don’t worry, we already have done the complicated work for you. Setting up a voice dialog using proven voice, AI and integration building blocks is not that complicated. The only thing you need are good dialog building and communication skills.

How complicated it is? Voicebots work based on data, smart software and good conversational design. And yes, that requires specialists! But there are also building blocks available that make setting up a successful Voicebot much easier. At Telecats we have developed several Voicebot solutions which, based on open standards, can be easily integrated with your existing customer contact, CRM and IT environment.

And more importantly: we speak your customers’ language and have developed various domain-specific language models for customer contact, for example: banks and insurance companies, telecom and Internet providers, publishers and e-commerce.

This article was a summary of our series 5 Common Beliefs about Voicebots. In addition to this article, we would like to invite you to join us in the discussion on applying Voicebots with artificial intelligence in customer contact. Are you interested? Please contact us!



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