Routing to the best solution, the KPN service strategy.

The customer service department at KPN is the first point of contact for both private and corporate clients. The many millions of customer contacts with KPN are handled by phone and are also increasingly taking place through digital channels. Customer service is very important to KPN where it concerns improving and widening the service levels.

An important improvement was the implementation of routing conversations using voice recognition. Speech routing provided by Telecats gives KPN’s customers the opportunity to ask questions in their own words. 90% of all questions can be correctly classified using speech recognition which means fewer questions need the be transferred. This positively influences both customer- and employee satisfaction.

By using speech routing, we have started a movement within KPN to not only connect customers to a customer expert who is immediately available, but to the best possible solution. This could be a customer expert but also a voice-guided self-service tool, a referral to a specific online page or a live chat if the call centre is busy. The four service scenarios for steering channels based on voice routing are:

Automatic answer to a recorded question

If the customer asks a question that can easily be answered in a CRM or a knowledge system the caller will get an automated response by playing a message in the IVR. Think about the status of an order, opening hours, or updates on service disruption. After hearing the information, the caller will, depending on the opening hours, be given the option to connect to a live employee

Routing a customer question to a digital self-service channel

If a customer records a question for which an online self-service application exists, this customer will receive a text containing a link to that online self-service. The customer can then decide for themselves whether they choose to use the self-service option or if they wish to be connected to a live employee. Examples may include (de)activating accounts or confirming a change of address.

Routing the customer to another live channel

If a customer records a question wherein the solution can be more efficiently answered through chat based on availability and knowledge, the customer will receive a text containing a link to the online chat: an in-app messenger push message from your own app or WhatsApp message. The customer can then decide for themselves whether they would like to use the chat or wait a little longer to connect to an employee by phone. An example is technical support, where the chat function is useful to exchange images.

Routing the customer to a specific employee

If a customer records a question which requires specific knowledge to answer they will be routed to a qualified employee. Once the customer is connected the question and all the relevant information pertaining to the status of the call, the customer and the contact will be sent to the employee. Examples may include a question about billings or a repeat-caller with a specific case

Please note: channel steering can also take place from online channels to the live phone channels. Examples may include:

  • From live-chat to a live employee on the phone because certain complex matters can be discussed (7x) faster verbally than in writing.
  • From an online page to a live employee on the phone because certain matters can hold sales opportunities.

Based on online contact the customer is automatically directed to the correct employee who will be able to see all relevant information on their screen. By routing the conversations using voice recognition, real-time information becomes available about possible trends and the Top 5 most frequently asked questions. Aside from the standard daily-, weekly- and monthly reports this voice recognition will provide insight about the handling of the customer contact for each topic.

KPN and Telecats, an amazing cooperation in customer service between a technological partner with “digital employees” and the KPN Customer Service that results in an innovative customer service, a positive ROI due to significant cost-reduction and a clear rise in the NPS in the past few years. The results a clear to see:

  • Speech routing deliver a time-gain of 30 seconds for each conversation;
  • The number of calls that get re-routed is down by 20%;
  • The self-solving abilities of the IVR has risen to over 15%;
  • Speech routing itself resulted in significant cost reductions per year; and
  • The goal to not affect the NPS was also met. The NPS increased by 17 points during this period.

Martijn Franssen (KPN): The innovative solutions of Telecats fit perfectly in the future architecture required to complete the digital strategy at KPN. We can definitely see a “Cultural fit”. Telecats as a company simply exudes a flexible, modernized approach. The results achieved are proof of this unique cooperation. With a clear voice for Customer Service the customer literally becomes the basis of innovation in the field of customer contact. KPN and Telecats are placing the Customer First!



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