NLP versus NLU versus NLG

NLP vs. NLU vs. NLG

The proper and correct processing of both written and spoken language is becoming more and more important. Information transfer is increasingly done through “natural” language instead of more predefined choices like the push of a phone button or the recognition of a spoken word. This phenomenon is possible because available technology is capable of converting […]

The BIAS of Speech

Speech technology performance is based on what data engineers provide to it. As the starting point they use data directly available in their environment. But be careful while handling data because Technology will recreate our bias and specific vision, which can be dramatic.

AI for Rookies, an introduction to technology

Voice assistants, autonomous cars, connected cities, our daily lives are now paced by technology, especially Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing. But what is really behind all these words that are as fascinating as they are worrying? Here is a glossary of terms to help you understand what they are all about. Artificial Intelligence Originated […]

Customer service in the Metaverse

During the pandemic, many digital developments were accelerated. Due to the lock-downs and working from home, a lot of communication moved to the digital world. Partly because of this, we have become used to being together in the online virtual world. As a result, the concept of the Metaverse has attracted a great deal of […]

The evolution of voicebots

Speech technology has improved significantly in recent years, and through machine learning and conversational design, we see Voicebots communicating more and more humanely and successfully.