VGZ’s Speech Routing journey

Sam, VGZ’s successful chatbot, has expanded into new territory: besides text (web chats), it can now also handle speech. And to make sure it really understands what the customer is asking, VGZ has switched from IVR to routing based on speech recognition, also known as speech routing. Sam the chatbot has become a valuable team […]

PGGM launching customer Spoken Summary

At Telecats we use speech recognition to convert a spoken summary from the advisor into text. This results in an easily readable written summary which is automatically saved in the CRM system.

DPG Media optimizes CX with speech technology.

DPG Media is the largest publisher in the Netherlands. At DPG Media, the Customer Services department is responsible for service and sales for subscribers of their brands. With dozens of strong brands such as, VT Wonen, AutoWeek and of course Donald Duck, there is always an active marketing campaign that results in customer contact. […]

Routing to the best solution, the KPN service strategy.

The customer service department at KPN is the first point of contact for both private and corporate clients. The many millions of customer contacts with KPN are handled by phone and are also increasingly taking place through digital channels.

Aegon continuously working to optimize customer experience.

Aegon’s customer contact has been through intermediaries for a long time, but in the recent decade there has been more and more direct customer contact. Interaction that Aegon cherishes. Aegon formulated a new customer contact strategy: A number of workshops with Aegon’s customer contact staff identified the conditions needed to achieve this. These turned out […]