High available redundant self-service IVR and IP telephony platform M7 Group.

M7 Group, owned by Canal+, is a major European pay-tv operator offering and language-specific packages to over three million subscribers in eight countries: Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary.

Telecats implemented a high available redundant self-service IVR and IP telephony platform for M7 Group. With the Telios IVR solution from Telecats, M7 Group offers turnkey IVR self-service, call centre and CTI applications for Canal Digitaal and Online.nl in the Netherlands, TV Vlaanderen in Flanders and TéléSAT in French speaking Belgium, HD Austria in Austria, Skylink for the Czech and Slovak markets and M7 Deutschland in Germany.

The Telios IVR platform has extensive capabilities for optimising the routing of customer contacts with the use of IVR. When routing calls based on IVR input, the best possible employee with the required skills will be selected. In addition to the call, the employee automatically receives all the necessary information on the screen via CTI (Computer Telephony Integration). Has the customer been in contact before, via which channel and about what? In order to identify customers for self service, an integration with underlying customer systems has also been developed. The IVR functionality with 9 languages consist of:

  • Automatic identification of callers
  • Adjustable calamity announcements
  • IVR menu and repeated caller routing with CTI integration and
  • Self service applications for activation and recharge of smartcards.

The Telios IVR system has a load balanced and redundant setup over different locations and is accessible in the different M7 contact centres. The IVR solution can handle up to 240 simultaneous and 400.000 calls per month and over 20% of the calls can be handled via IVR self service.


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