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For more than 25 years, we have been constantly innovating and delivering tailor made solutions for Telephony to many famous brands in the Netherlands. In 2020, a new era started, Telecats –  now fully part of the Webhelp family – has decided to dedicate its effort toward a set of products tailored for great customer experiences and embedding cutting edge technologies:

  • Speech routing: speech recognition and conversational IVR platform that enables customer to state their question into their own language, and benefit from swift and automated self-services  
  • Call recording: record calls reaching your contact centres following GDPR guidelines, using an open, versatile and cost effective platform 
  • Call transcription: Leverage AI and numerous models to automate calls transcription, in many language, and take benefit from Telecats experience to take into consideration what makes your business unique 
  • Call and dialogue insight: Mix transcripts (text data) and voice data (signalling) to go even further and enrich your customer focus approach not only with data but with emotions.

With this big step comes a new brand design. This design echoes Webhelp family while keeping what makes Telecats so unique: embedding artificial intelligence for voice into customer experience solutions.


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