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Recording & Transcription

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Call Recording

Stereo high quality recording

Contact centres use call recording for analysis, ensuring quality, compliancy, planning meetings and coaching employees to improve the processes and increase customer satisfaction. The call recorder for Telecats records all conversations in stereo through SIP(REC). The recordings are first saved with high audio quality, which results in better and more accurate processing of the recorded speech to text. After processing the recordings can be compressed for storage. The call recorder is outfitted with various API’s to allow temporary pausing of the recording, events, filters and opt-out requests.
Call Recording
Call Transcription

Call Transcription


To turn the recorded conversations from speech to high quality text we require language models and proper context. The speech recognition at Telecats provides support for various languages and can use sector- or customer-specific language models. It is also possible to train the language recognition by using manually transcribed recordings with a specific language use by customers and employees. This will help make the quality of the speech recognition and the generated transcriptions as high as possible. The speech solution can process streaming audio and is able to be scaled horizontally.


Incredible data to level up your customer service

By recording and transcribing conversations valuable information can become available. The output of the speech solution is JSON for a simple export of data to existing BI systems. Beside the standard contact centre reports, voice recognition provides insight into the way customer contact is handled for every topic. Is there a lot of repeat calling? Does the call get connected often? Which topics have a high AHT and a low NPS? This information can be used for analysis, training employees, improving processes, guaranteeing quality and increasing customer satisfaction.

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