Sleeping along with Sheltersuit Sleep Out.

Due to the far-reaching measures taken by the government, the SHELTERSUIT SLEEP OUT will also be cancelled on Saturday 14 March on the Grote Markt in Enschede. The Sheltersuit Sleep Out will be postponed until the autumn.
We are proud to sponsor our colleagues who will sleep outside for the Sheltersuit Sleepout to draw attention to the homelessness problem and raise money for this noble cause. In the night of 14 to 15 March Sheltersuit organizes the first Dutch Sheltersuit Sleep Out on the Oude Markt in Enschede. Participants will be sponsored and spend the night together on the square.

What does Sheltersuit do?

Sheltersuit Foundation aims to help refugees and homeless people around the world who have to live in harsh conditions by providing warm and protective clothing, the Sheltersuit. This is a combination of a jacket, sleeping bag and storage bag that enables survival in harsh weather conditions and is made from recycled materials. The Sheltersuit is produced from ‘people to people’ in which refugees, homeless people and people with a distance to the labour market work for their fellow human beings in need. Through donations in the form of (financial) resources, the foundation can make these Sheltersuits available free of charge.

Evas is sleeping outside

A while ago I went to a TEDx event where I was introduced to Sheltersuit. After their presentation I felt I could and should help them in their goal. This resulted in helping with the technical side of Shelteruit’s online presence in my spare time over the last 4 years. Now with the Sleep Out I see a unique opportunity to act as an ambassador for Sheltersuit.

In this cold world where homelessness seems to be a growing problem, I ask for your help to give back some warmth to at least 10 people.

This year Telecats has been incorporated by Webhelp, a multinational that has a commitment to social responsibility and their new slogan is “Think Human”. If that doesn’t sound like a match with Sheltersuit, then I don’t know what does.

A night in the cold for warm sheltersuits

When I found out what Sheltersuit is committed to, I was impressed. On one hand because of their enormous commitment to the homeless but also because there are so many people who have to spend the night on the streets. Unbelievable in this time of prosperity.

That is why I join the Sleep Out and sleep a night in the cold. With this I want to encourage as many people as possible to donate money for warm Sheltersuits. Will you help me reach my goal?

Sleep Out

Participants are taught how to dress warmly and prepare for sleeping in the cold. A large stage will be built for a musical and content programme, there will be plenty to do all night long.

In short, the Sheltersuit Sleep Out is going to be a very special night. Together with all the participants, the city of Enschede and a great program we will keep each other warm and raise as much money as possible. The collected amount will be donated to the Sheltersuit Foundation, who will make special water and windproof jackets and ensure the correct and fair distribution.


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