Online Masterclass Speech technology

It's not about what is said but what is meant.

In this masterclass, following his blog, dr. Arjan van Hessen will take you into the world of speech technology and its use in customer service. Watch the video and learn why it’s not about what is said but what is meant.

How does speech recognition perform these days and what can you expect? How is speech technology used in customer service and what are the benefits for your customers and your customer service? What will be the future of speech technology?

Dr. Arjan van Hessen received a master in Geophysics, a PhD in Phonetics and is working in the field of Human Language Technology since ’91. His main interest is in applying the various HLT techniques in both the academic/research and the real world. Through his work as director-user-involvement at CLARIAH and Telecats, he is in the middle of the world of public-private collaboration.

This masterclass has ended. Stay tuned for the next one.

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