We listen to

the voice of

the customer

We listen to the voice

of the customer

Who we are

About Telecats

Telecats is a Webhelp division specialized in smart voice technologies. Leveraging machine learning, Artificial Intelligence and Speech technology. Together we optimize customer service with the best possible blend of human and technology.

For over 25 years, our voice experts have been working on innovative customer contact solutions with language skills and speech technology. Telecats supports brands into unleashing the power of the voice of their customers.

What we do

Empowering customer service

We develope cutting edge voice technology to support human contact, create a more productive contact center and leverage the voice of the customer.

a more performing contact center

  • Orchestrate and Optimise your customer contact center
  • Use Voice, AI and Machine Learning to increase value and ROI
  • Get insights to improve process internally and extrenally

 the voice of the customer

  • Meet and understand your customers
  • Analyse data to generate new insights
  • Increase satisfaction, stickiness and opportunities

people with technology

  • Increase advisor satisfaction and loyalty
  • Identify training issues and opportunities
  • Augment advisor with technology

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Our clients

Meet our teams

Our game changers

Together with our clients we implement voice dialogues with the best possible customer experience and engage in a joint program for continuous improvement. A large proportion of our employees have graduated from top Universities, where a lot of research is being done into Human Media Interaction (HMI) with language and speech technology based on artificial intelligence. As a result, our project management, linguists and developers have extensive knowledge and experience of speech projects.


The Development team takes care of the further development of our existing products and the development of new software and functionality based on the Telecats roadmap.

Product Strategy

The Product Strategy team puts together the Telecats roadmap and keeps it up to date based on IT developments, customer service trends and customer feedback.

Sales & Marketing

Team Sales & Marketing works on promoting our game-changing products and services and realising new business.

Professional Services

Team Professional Services is responsible for the communication and management of the smooth implementation of our products and services at customers' premises within the agreed timelines.

Managed Services

The product specialists of the Managed Services team configure, implement, test and deliver our products to customers, and monitor and support these products and services after delivery.

Speech Lab

The Speech Lab team works specifically on innovating and improving our speech solutions by optimising acoustic, language and classification models in different languages.

Support Staff

Team Support Staff takes care of the financial side of Telecats, from client invoicing to payroll administration.


The ESG team focuses on the Environmental, Social & Governance strategy at Telecats that contributes to achieving Webhelp's vision of "Making Business More Human".

Join us


Telecats is always looking for talent to work with us on the contact centre of the future. Do you have the drive and skills to work on innovative solutions with artificial intelligence and speech technology? We’d love to welcome you to our teams of creatives, developers and linguists.

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