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Actionable data

Choose our data-driven approach to elevate your customer service and gain a competitive edge in your industry.

Enhance quality assessment

Save time in assessing advisors and make it easier to identify training needs.

Speech analytics

Leverage data for deep analysis in your existing BI systems.


See how it works.

Discover how our NLU solutions provide valuable in-depth information and reveal areas of improvement that benefit your customers and your organization.

Call recording

Essential for good insights.

Call Recording is used for analysis, ensuring quality and compliance, coaching employees, to improve processes and increase customer satisfaction. Calls are recorded in stereo through SIP(REC) and saved in high audio quality and can be compressed for storage after processing.
Call Recording
Call Recording

Various API’s allow temporary pausing of the recording, events, filters and opt-out requests.


High audio quality results in better and more accurate processing of the recorded speech-to-text.


Developed by the Speech Lab at Telecats, our language models are leading the market.

Call transcription


Create actionable data by transcribing your call recordings. Turning call recordings from speech-to-text, specific language models and proper context are deployed. This ensures that the quality of speech recognition is as high as possible, resulting in the best generated transcripts.
Tuned to perfection

Sector- or customer-specific language models further improve the generated transcriptions.


It is possible to train the language model by using manually transcribed recordings with a specific language use by your customers and employees.


Incredible data to level up your customer service​

By leveraging our cutting-edge technology and data-driven strategies, you can improve your operations, streamline interactions, and boost customer satisfaction. Choose our data-driven approach to elevate your customer service and gain a competitive edge in your industry. Actionable data to help you achieve your goals.

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