Telecats 30 years

Telecats in 30 years from touch-tone to Metaverse

We are proud, we are Telecats for 30 years 🎉 To everyone, from colleagues to customers, friends and family who have made this wonderful journey possible: thank you 🙏 very much!

A journey that started in 1993 with IVR systems where, by entering a client number, customers could place orders at a mail order company or ask the bank what the maximum mortgage was. Just by using the touch-tone buttons on the telephone. There were hardly any mobile phones and the Internet for private individuals did not yet exist.

In the years that followed, Telecats developed into the market leader for voice-enabled self-service solutions such as: providing travel information, booking train tickets, voice-controlled investing and handling delivery complaints at publishers. We route calls with our speech technology to the right department or advisors.

Together with KPN, we won the CustomerFirst Partnership Award 🏆 for the Digital Transformation to an innovative customer service, with significant cost savings and an increase in NPS. The customer journey of KPN

At VGZ, the IVR menu was replaced by Speech Routing, resulting in more than 90% of all questions routed to the right solution with a positive impact on the Customer Effort Score. Speech Routing at VGZ

For PGGM, we implemented the spoken summary. A good example of a solution in which humans are not replaced, but the best result is obtained through collaboration between humans and machines. Spoken Summary at PGGM

Telecats is part of Webhelp and together with our customers we deliver customer service with the best possible mix of people and technology. And not only in the Netherlands but also for major international brands such as M7 Group, MSD, easyJet and MediaMarkt Saturn, and in several languages.

Some of our employees graduated from the University of Twente, where a lot of research is done on Human Media Interaction. Our voice experts have extensive knowledge and experience, and therefore our voice technology and solutions have improved significantly in recent years. The evolution of Voicebots

As far as Telecats is concerned, the world of #customerservice is permanently changing, but Telecats is and remains self-evident. After all, smart routing is the answer to the increased complexity in customer contact. Smart routing in customer service

We are proud, we are Telecats, see you in the MetaVerse 🚀



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