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At Telecats we work every day to ensure innovative customer contact solutions with speech technology and artificial intelligence.

We facilitate the contact centre by identifying the customer, classifying the customer’s question and routing the call.

We assist the customer by intelligently routing the call to the most suitable employee or by offering self-service

We support employees by delivering all relevant information to them and showing them suggestions for answers.

We identify trends, opportunities and problems based on conversation characteristics and choice of words.

Routing customer
contact with

speech recognition

Speech recognition provides customers with the opportunity to ask their question using their own words. 90% of all questions can be properly classified by using speech recognition which means fewer questions have to be put through to another advisor. Routing with speech recognition and CTI can result in an average time gain of 45 seconds for each conversation.

Insight into
customer contact with

speech technology

Why do your customers call? What are the conversations about? What are customers satisfied about and what are they not satisfied about? This is valuable information for the entire organization. Because of recording and transcription this information becomes available. Phone calls are recorded in high quality and are transcribed, sometimes in real time. When added to the Call-Detail-Record this information can be the basis for extensive analysis.

What can speech technology do for your customers?

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Copyright 2021 © Telecats BV. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2021 © Telecats BV. All rights reserved.

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